by Sharifa Medford

While the aquamarine, gold and black of Barbados’ National Flag can be spotted across the island year round, it is during the month of November that they are most prominent. To celebrate the island’s anniversary of Independence, Barbadians wear the National Colours; organisations and companies dress their buildings, and flags are flown from any possible point.

WendyXBoyceXOne popular Barbadian, Wendy Boyce, also known as ‘Celebrity Barbados’, wears her pride, literally. Ms. Barbados, as she is commonly referred to, flaunts the National Colours in her dress, within her home and even on her dog.

During a visit to the 50th Anniversary of Independence Celebrations Secretariat, Ms. Barbados noted that she has been openly displaying the love which she has for the island for over 20 years.

“I just love my and I just wanted to show it. So that’s how I came out every year on my own and dress and show Barbadians how proud we should be of our country. I just want people to know how great Barbados is,” she stated proudly.

A member of the Victory Pentecost Church in St. George, Wendy is a firm believer in God. “I like meeting people, I like helping people. I live for God; without God nothing happens and you should always put God up front,” she advised.

Ecstatic about the upcoming 50th Anniversary of Independence, Ms. Boyce lamented that people often tend to forget Independence and move into Christmas. However, she was happy to see that things had really “kicked up” this year.

A former employee in the hotel circuit for over 20 years and at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the Bajan celebrity alluded to a number of changes which she has noticed in the country over the years. She pointed out that she would love to see Barbadians living in harmony.

“Once upon a time … I would come and give you a breadfruit and give [someone else] a sweet potato and a yam. That don’t happen now, but it happens with me. I have a coconut tree, pawpaw tree and soursop and I make sure all the neighbours get. I share everything I have; I don’t sell anything I have. My grandmother told me “if you sell everything you have you got to buy everything you want”.

Wendy 'Celebrity Barbados' Boyce & Aidan Taylor proudly displaying their national colours.

Wendy ‘Celebrity Barbados’ Boyce & Aidan Taylor proudly displaying their national colours.

She advised Barbadians, both here and abroad: “Live for God; put your trust in God and if you put your trust in Him everything will come into place, but we need to live together and share. We need to look out for our sisters and brothers, we need to do that. It’s going to happen, even if I have to help bring it, it’s going to happen.”