Human Chain Link Set for November 28

On Monday, November 28, a second attempt will be made to create a human chain link around Barbados.

This time the initiative will be undertaken by the Ministry of Education, Science Technology and Innovation, in collaboration with two non-governmental organisations – The Power of Choice and Trident 10. It will also be supported by the 50th Anniversary of Independence Celebrations Secretariat.

The exercise will run from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. and all school children, public and private, will participate. The expected route totals approximately 107 km and will include major roads around Barbados – Highway 1; Checker Hall; St Lucy Parish Church; Charles Duncan Oneal Highway; Ermie Bourne Highway; Bathsheba Village; Horse Hill; Bowling Alley; Coach Hill; Sargeant Street; Bayfield; Long Bay; Crane; Gemwick; Fairy Valley; Oistins; Highway 7 and Bridgetown. It is estimated that over 107,000 individuals will be required to complete the chain.

Miniature Tridents will be passed along the chain and the song “Lets Join Hands to Show we Love Barbados”, written by Dame Olga Lopes-Seale, will be sung when the chain is completed.

Companies and members of the public will be invited to register online and will then be assigned to specific areas. Further information on the Human Chain Link may be obtained by calling the Ministry of Education at 535-0615.

On November 30, 1979. the Rotary Club made an effort to form a human chain link around the island, but with only an estimated 93,000 persons participating, the chain was not completed.