Etiquette 101: Accessorise It

Fashion is everywhere. Gone are the days when persons waited for a wedding, or graduation or Christmas morning to show off their accessoriesx3personal style and flair. Take a look around the office and see how beautifully your coworkers have spruced up their business attire or take a walk through Bridgetown and notice the dash of elegance in the casual outfits.

And, while most people wear their outfits well, there is one thing that can make or break a person’s fashion statement – the accessories.

Contrary to popular belief, the word accessory does not only refer to a woman’s earrings or necklace, it is anything you can add to your outfit to make it more attractive.

Hospitality and Tourism Training Consultant, Stephne Goddard, has some tips on how to accessorise your outfit:

How to Accessorise for a Black Tie Event, Cocktail Party and Dinner

• Choose a few good quality pieces of jewellery, rather than adorning yourself with jewels and risking replicating a Christmas tree.

accessories• If wearing a lightweight satin or silk ensemble then opt for strappy sandals. If your outfit is of a heavier material then choose velvet or coloured satin court shoes.

• You will need a small evening bag that matches your outfit in the same fabric, colour or trim. Alternatively you can opt for a crystal bag which will complement any outfit.

• A short sleeved dress works well with a charm bracelet and a wide gold/jewelled bangle complements a strapless dress.

• Pearl earrings looks well with most fabrics and beaded outfits.

• Diamonds complement metallic and rhinestone-studded outfits. Coloured precious and semi-precious stones are also appropriate.
Look out for our next feature on the difference between day and night dress.

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