The strides and development made by Barbados over the years have been achieved “against a backdrop of stable political governance”.

This was the declaration made by President of the Senate, Senator Kerryann Ifill, as she addressed persons attending the Tribute to Our Prime Ministers in National Heroes Square, The City, last evening.

Senator Ifill pointed out that while Barbados remained vulnerable to the issues which affect similar nations, the country was admired at home and abroad for the strides that its citizens continued to make.

“We have produced leaders of industry, culture, academia, science and a cadre of other notable figures who are dispersed around the globe but continue to uplift the name of Barbados,” she stated.

The Senator noted that the seven leaders of this island “remained convicted” that Barbados’s pride and industry would “continue to propel us onward to greatness”.

“Our Prime Ministers recognised that our country demands of us our utmost efforts to break the chains that bound us.  They and their teams have laboured long to provide us with educational opportunities, comprehensive health-care, equitable justice and a society that values the contributions of its citizens. We are a people rich in cultural diversity and our leaders have striven to provide us a stage upon which to display this wealth,” she maintained.

Senator Ifill encouraged Barbadians to recognise the efforts which have been made to uplift the country and to reflect on their past and use it as a beacon to guide their future.

Following the Senator’s remarks were presentations of gifts by various organisations in honour of Barbados’ 50th anniversary of Independence; musical presentations by the Barbados National Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Barbados Police Force Band; musical tributes by some of the island’s top vocalists and dramatic re-enactments of the works of legendary Barbadian authors.