The Reveal of the National Monument

The 50th Anniversary of Independence National Monument will be revealed to the Barbadian public by way of a short impactful event on Tuesday, November 29, at 10:30 p.m.

The evening will begin with a musical interlude of Barbadian classics. The Barbados Defence Force Band will back a Mass Choir who will lead all present in the singing of the National Anthem. Special attention should be paid to the lyrics which, on that night especially, should resonate deeply with each and every Barbadian.

This will be followed by a procession of religious leaders in full ceremonial garb onto the Savannah. All Christian denominations, the Muslims, the Hindus, those of the Bahai faith and the Rastafarian belief system, will be involved in the powerful and all-embracing celebration of faith and spirituality.

Other elements of this moving ceremony will include prayers, hymns, a performance by virtuoso trumpet player – Ricky Brathwaite, and a dramatic interpretation of a commissioned narrative poem written by four award-winning Barbadian poets – elders Winston Farrell and Esther Phillips and emerging writers, DJ Simmons and Aprille Thomas. These eloquent spoken words will be interpreted by four of our nation’s most skilled and creative dancers – Aisha Commissiong, Justin Poleon, Megan Navarro, and Shea Best.

There will also be a message from our Prime Minister as well as the singing of the 50th Anniversary Song. As the clock starts to toll the midnight hour, the 50th Anniversary Monument will be enveloped by light and finally revealed to the world. A large Barbados flag, which forms part of the monument, will be hoisted as the National Anthem is played.

And as the flag unfurls, 50 Lights of Hope will fill the night sky, carrying the dreams, wishes and pledges made by Barbadians throughout the year, high up into the heavens.

The Executive Producer of this event is the 50th Anniversary of Independence Celebrations Secretariat and it is being produced by the National Cultural Foundation and the Barbados Defence Force. Barbadians can witness it first-hand or view the televised event from their home.