Coordinating Committee

Chairperson of the 50th Anniversary of
Independence Celebrations 
Senator Maxine McClean

Deputy Chairperson of the 50th Anniversary of
Independence Celebrations 
Senator Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo

• Her Honour Senator Kerry-Ann Ifill

• Senator Dr. Sir Trevor Carmichael, K.A., L.V.O., Q.C.

• Senator Professor Emeritus Sir Henry Stuart Fraser, KA

• Permanent Secretary, Prime Minister Office

• Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Tourism and International Transport

• Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

• Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation

• Head of the Civil Service

• Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth

• Mrs. Avril Gollop – Advisor, 50th Anniversary of Independence Celebrations

• Cabinet Secretary

• Barbados Christian Council

• Chief of Staff, Barbados Defence Force

• Commissioner of Police

• Clerk of Parliament

• Chief Information Officer, Barbados Government Information Service

• Chief Executive Officer, National Cultural Foundation

• Representative of the University of the West Indies

• Director, Barbados Museum and Historical Society

• Mr. Sabir Nakhuda

• Chief Executive Officer, Barbados Tourism Investment Inc.

• President, Barbados Youth Development Council
• Representative of Barbados Private Sector Association Inc.

• President, Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Association of Barbados

• Representative of Barbados Association of Retired Persons